Features Description

EmergenSee’s award winning patented technology is packed with personal security features that transform your smartphone into a Personal Safety Device.  Whether directly connected to EmergenSee’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center, one of many EmergenSee University or Corporate Partners or Your Own Circle of Trusted Family and Friends, help is always just a tap away.


hiw-img-01Live Streaming Audio and Video

Upon starting an EmergenSee Incident:  Live Streaming Audio and Video is transmitted directly to your Pre-Selected Contacts*.  Your Contacts will immediately see, hear and follow your incident as it unfolds, getting you the help you need.

Pinpoints GPS Location and Movements

The GPS Only works when you initiate / start an Incident.  Your Pre-Selected Contact will receive a Google Map with your smartphone’s GPS Location and will track your “Incident GPS Locations and Movements”.  If you need to move away from the situation, your contact’s google map will reflect your started GPS and Breadcrumbs tracking your longitude, latitude, street address, speed and direction of travel, until your situation is resolved or you choose to close the Incident.

SafeWalk – Precautionary Live Security Operator Escort

Select SafeWalk Anytime, Anywhere for Any Reason. This alerts EmergenSee’s Security Operators that you require assistance for precautionary purposes. The Operator will stay with you as a Personal Bodyguard until you safely reach your destination.  This can be a walk to your car, meeting someone new, walking into unknown property, anything you wish.

Police – Fire – EMS Pre-Set Buttons

Pre-scripted buttons for easy access, allows you to quickly communication with Security Operators of who you’d like dispatched for assistance.

hiw-img-05Stealth Mode  (Dark Screen for Discretion)

Stealth Mode turns your smartphone’s screen dark, to give the illusion that it’s off. Meanwhile, EmergenSee continues to stream live video to your pre-selected contacts without drawing attention.

hiw-img-06Anonymous Tip and Crime Reporting

Send an Anonymous Tip or Report a Crime in progress with GPS tagged live streaming video, audio, pictures or any other pertinent information to the nearest EmergenSee Partner.  Crowd sourcing crime information, helps to keep your entire community safer.


Auto Start – Timer

Pre-Set Timer provides you with a hands free auto start.  If you’re walking alone, in unsafe conditions or going to a jog, just pre-set the timer before you leave.  If the Alarm expires before you deactivate, EmergenSee automatically “Starts an Incident” for you.

hiw-new-01Instant Text & Email Notification

When you start an incident, EmergenSee sends a distress Text and/or Email Notification Messages with a direct link to your Live Streaming Video and GPS Locations Map to your Pre-Selected Contacts*.


hiw-img-09Two-Way Texting

In particularly tense situations, you may not want to draw attention to yourself by talking on the phone. Instead, once you “Start An Incident” EmergenSee Professional Partners can begin live Two-Way Texting.


hiw-img-11Incident File Recovery

It can be difficult to remember exactly what happened after you’ve been scared or hurt. To ensure no pertinent information is lost, a full recording of the incident with a tamper-resistant time and date stamp is stored in your EmergenSee Incident History File.

hiw-new-02Personal Profile

You can keep pertinent underlying medical information, allergies, or other circumstances on hand for EMT / First Responders, allowing them to approach the scene with the appropriate care.


hiw-img-12Mass Broadcast Alerts

Prevent people from walking into harms’ way, instantly alerting your entire network of a dangerous situation.  Your team can concentrate on securing people and the perimeter while keeping those you protect clear of danger.