Download EmergenSee®

Downloading EmergenSee® on your smartphone or tablet is Simple and FREE!

Using the buttons below, Select the EmergenSee App Store for your specific smartphone and follow the Instructions. It only takes a few minutes to set-up and you can be one of the millions who feel safer with EmergenSee.

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1. Download:

Install the EmergenSee® App from your SmartPhone’s App Store.

2. Set up:

  1. “Open” the app
  2. “Create” your account
  3. “Accept” the Terms of Use
  4. “Agree” to Private Data Acknowledgement
  5. “Profile”: Enter Your Name, Email, Cell Number & Create a Password and select “Next”

3. Plan Options :
 There are 3 EmergenSee Options. Choose the right one for you.

  1. Individuals (Without an EmergenSee Partner Affiliation) - EmergenSee: Select “I don’t have an organization”
  2. College/University (Students, Faculty or Staff) – EmergenSee U: On the “Add Organization” prompt,
    tap “Add My University” / type or search for your school.
  3. Professional OrganizationsEmergenSee Pro: Enter your Professional Organization‘s “Pro Code”

If you are traveling outside your Organizations’ Geo Fence / Abroad – Contact your EmergenSee Professional Monitoring Organization for details

4. Add Pre-Selected Contacts *

    1. Individual - EmergenSee: Add up to 3 Personal Contacts you want notified, Select “Done”
    2. College / University - EmergenSee U: Optional**
    3. Professional Organizations - EmergenSee Pro: Optional**

If prompted, please allow EmergenSee to use your location. In the event of an emergency,
this will help your Pre-Selected Contacts find your location quickly and accurately.

** Optional: If you would like to add additional contacts (friends/family) to be notified in case of an emergency, do so here!

5. Run A Test: 
Test the app from your device to insure all functions are working properly and that your Pre-Selected Contacts* have been notified.

Special Default Notice:
By default, EmergenSee “Auto-Start Incident” is pre-set to “OFF”.When you tap the EmergenSee App Icon – EmergenSee is on Stand-By, waiting for you to select “Start”. In this mode, you have one additional step of selecting the “Start” bar, located on the bottom of your screen. To turn “ON” the “Auto-Start Incident” (recommended): Go to the EmergenSee “Home Screen” Select “Settings” then “Incident Options”.

* Pre-Selected Contacts: EmergenSee Professional Partners, 24/7 Monitoring Centers, Schools, Universities, Corporate Security, Family/Friends…


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