Campus Assault: Protect Yourself with EmergenSee

According to the educational newspaper “The daily beast” In 2010 approximately 1,169 assaults occurred within 20 of the largest universities sampled. This is most likely a low estimate, as several campus assaults go unrecorded during weekends when fights erupt after students have been drinking. Unfortunately, assaults on college campuses have become a normal part of student life in many universities across America. It is important for college students to do everything in their power to avoid becoming another assault statistic. This is where downloading the app EmergenSee can be life changing.

EmergenSee is a fast, free, easy and discreet personal security app that allows you to have professional security at your side at all times. You can download EmergenSee right on your Smartphone or Tablet for free and if you ever feel as though you are in imminent danger, all you need to do is launch the application. Once EmergenSee is launched, your pre-selected contacts or professional responders immediately see a live video and audio feed that shows them exactly what is going and where the situation is unfolding. EmergenSee is especially useful for college students who often times must walk home alone at night or on the weekends, when most campus assaults occur.

With just a tap of a button, you can control the situation instead of being controlled. The Virtual escort function can allow your friends and family to monitor your progress when you are walking home alone at night, so you arrive at your destination safely.

There are several versions of the app itself. The first version, which is free to download, includes the ability the have three pre-selected contacts that will be alerted and can have live video and audio, your exact GPS location and movement sent directly sent to them. This version also alerts 911 and gives your exact location to responders.

For college students, if your school is powered by EmergenSee your service includes 24/7 campus security monitoring. This version includes safety and security mass alerts about any dangerous situations that are happening within your area, includes real time chat, which gives you the ability to speak directly to professional responders as your situation is unfolding.

For families, individuals, universities and businesses you can subscribe to 24/7 professional monitoring station powered by EmergenSee for a small monthly or annual fee.  Just go to emergensee.com and sign up to one our premeire monitoring partners. Your physical home and business have a personal security system with 24/7 monitoring. Shouldn’t you as well? Stay safer and be ready for the unexpected with EmergenSee.

The EmergenSee app records, stores and saves all incidents. Even if the perpetrator crushes or throws your phone away, you can be sure the entire situation leading up to that has been recorded, stored and saved within the EmergenSee system. This data is retrievable and will accurately reveal the actual events of the situation.

EmergenSee features adding personal or professional safety contacts, live streaming video, live streaming audio, live photo capture, alert location tracking, instant GPS pinpoint locator, instant text notifications, instant email notifications, real-time chat, virtual escort, personal profile, stealth recording, safety and security alerts, call 911, 24/7 professional monitoring, global 24/7 professional monitoring, incident reporting, incident history storage, 24/7 incident review, admin management console, geo fence management, web collaboration, mobile web collaboration, ENS integration, CAP integrations and Next-Gen-9-1-1 integration.

Download EmergenSee now.