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Why EmergenSee Should Be Part of Every Student’s College Prep List

By: Ross Germano

Did you know that during the first six weeks of being away at college, new students are much more likely to encounter a number of safety issues simply because their defenses are down? These findings come from the Bureau of Justice Statistics*, which goes deep into a lot of the student life issues that college students face on a regular basis. As a parent who is getting ready to send their child away to college, it is important that you do all that you can to arm your student with the information, skills and security necessary to keep them safe. This is where the EmergenSee Personal Safety App comes into play.

With the patented technology that the EmergenSee Personal Safety App can provide, parents have the ability to work closely with their child to not only help keep incidents from happening, but also have a way to contact the authorities the very moment should something goes awry. With just a simple tap within the application, any listed contacts will be able to see, follow and hear as an incident is unfolding. This allows every student to have an additional set of eyes and ears with them at all times, should anything bad take place. Here’s a look at just a few of the EmergenSee features:

Live Audio and Video

After the launching of the program, EmergenSee will stream live audio and video to a secure server with text and email links to your pre-selected safety contacts. Safety contacts have instant access to your video in real-time.

GPS Location

In the case of an incident, any of the safety contacts will be notified instantly of the student’s location by way of your smartphone’s GPS and unique geo-fencing technologies. GPS tracking is active, only during an incident – You have full control over who sees your location and when.

Movement Tracking

During an incident, when you are on the move, the EmergenSee app works with your smartphone’s gps to share your location with your safety contacts. This is perfect should there be a situation where you are unable to communicate that you may be moving to a different location.

Instant Text Notifications

Maybe there is a tense situation at a party or the fraternity / sorority has begun hazing new recruits. Instant texting helps to send out a message to your safety contacts, so that you do not have to draw attention to yourself as you call for help.


Going out for a run or walking back to your dorm late at night? Just pre-set the timer before heading out. If the alarm expires, prior to deactivating, EmergenSee will automatically initiate an incident for you.

Professional Monitoring via Subscription Service

With a monthly subscription, you can enjoy full professional monitoring, providing you and your family added peace of mind. For a lot of families who have children in college several states away, this can be extremely helpful to make sure that their child is safe and sound, free from predators or any other dangerous situations that could happen either on or off campus property.

Monitoring Center Security Operators receive your incident’s live video and gps data, locate where you are and share this information with the closest first responder, all within seconds. While setting up your profile, you choose who you want notified during an incident. This is your security monitoring center and you choose how you would like your EmergenSee incident handled.

Safe Walk

This precautionary live video escort, is included in the monitoring center plan. For any reason you would like a live security operator to assist you along your route until you reach your destination safely. The security operators (not police or campus safety) acting as your personal bodyguard.

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Getting started with EmergenSee is easy. All you have to do is download the app from your store onto your iPhone or iPad. Once you open up the app, go through the prompts to create your account. Choose your EmergenSee plan and add up to 3 pre-selected safety contacts. Contacts do not need to have EmergenSee in order to receive your alert. Just be sure that you notify each of them, explaining the app and that they have been added as a safety contact. It’s best to run a sample test that will help ensure all of the contact numbers and functions are set-up and running properly.

This is an application that helps both students and parents to have a great deal of added peace of mind that college life can be as safe and rewarding as possible. EmergenSee should always be part of every college prep list for a student that is going to be away from home.

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Ross Germano is a self-defense and security enthusiast. RevereSecurity