Connected World Reports On EmergenSee Personal Safety

EmergenSee Adds To Personal Security

More and more criminal acts are being caught on video courtesy of people using their cellphones. While it has produced evidence of crimes as they occur, a new app allows for users to send videos and provide additional information in realtime to the proper authorities.

EmergenSee, www.emergensee.com, was developed in response to the numbers of school shootings, attacks on law-enforcement officials, and other violent situations which have garnered attention during the past several years.

Once the screen is tapped by the user, the EmergenSee app is able to stream live video, audio, and GPS (global positioning system) information to a group of predetermined contacts. A paid version of the app is available for $8.99 per month, and will send information about a given situation straight to a round-the-clock monitoring center, which can dispatch and alert first responders about what is taking place.


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