EmergenSee Campus Safety App

Helping to Keep Campuses Safer

From the highly accredited Ivy League universities to the small states schools across America, crime and imminent danger has always been a fixture and is an increasing problem all over campuses nationwide. The obvious examples would be the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, the Yale Lab murder, the Ohio State shooting, the accused rapes that occurred within the Duke Lacrosse team, and the child molestations that happened within the grounds of Penn State University. Every year that passes it seems as though a new horrific event occurs, keeping parents and kids questioning if they will truly be safe at their university.

College campuses can be deceivingly dangerous as drugs and alcohol influence a large part of the community. This leads to crimes such as stabbings, rapes, robberies and even sometimes murder. “The Daily Beast” reveals that even the highly respected Ivy League university, Harvard, had one murder, 92 robberies, 87 aggravated assaults, 357 burglaries and 93 car thefts over a two-year period. These statistics show that we live in a very spontaneous and dangerous world of crime. With all of these tragedies happening wouldn’t it be nice to have a safety application that helps to enhance your own personal safety? People need a way to stay safe at all times. That is where the EmergenSee® app comes in handy.

EmergenSee is a fast, easy and discreet personal security app that allows you to have professional security at your side at all times. You can download EmergenSee right on your Smartphone or tablet for free and if you ever feel as though you are in imminent danger, just tap the app. Once EmergenSee is launched, your pre-selected contacts or professional responders will immediately receive a live video and audio feed that shows your exact situation and what is going on. EmergenSee can come in handy for any situation; campus crime, school bullying, child abductions, rape, assault, work place violence, hate crimes, stalking and more. With just a tap, you can control the situation instead of being controlled. So take action and download EmergenSee.