EmergenSee Named One of the Best Travel Apps!

Gutsy Traveler

The Best Travel Apps Used by Travel Gurus

 Lost? To Find My Way:

Maps by Google to get directions, distances, time for travel and even traffic conditions.

Around Me to find gas stations, restaurants ATM machines hospitals, hotels and more.

To Help me Pack

Packing Pro: This app is fantastic to help you prepare for your trip. In addition to helping create multiple packing lists, it also helps you create “to do” lists. Check out my packing tips too. 

To Stay Safe:

An App to help you out of a tight spot

EmergenSee App transforms your smartphone into a free personal security system (aka personal bodyguard). With just a click of a button, you can transmit video, audio and GPS to your selected friends and family so that they can hear, see and track what’s going on. They can alert authority if you can’t. EmergenSee App.

Call A Taxi: This app finds the closest taxi companies in your area. Let’s say you are stuck in the middle of a city that you are not familiar with and can’t find a taxi, this app will connect you to the closest taxi station.

To Stay Informed:

PressReader: With PressReader, you browse and read full digital replicas of over 2,200 newspapers and magazines from 97 countries just like you would in print regardless of where you travels take you. You can download, disconnect and read the world’s most popular full-content newspapers on your favorite Android operated device, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone or Smartphone. pressreader.com/

To Stay Organized:

Tripit:  Tripit helps you consolidate all your travel reservations (hotels, air, car rentals, etc). Simply forward all your travel reservations to plans@tripit.com and Tripit builds an itinerary for you. In addition to being convenient, we like it because you can share your itineraries with your friends and family members who will know exactly which flight you are taking, where you are staying, etc. It’s great in case of emergency.

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