EmergenSee Releases New V 4.0

New & Improved EmergenSee Features:

V 4.0 App Store Product Overview

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Professional Monitoring Safety App Solutions – Instantly connects you to Professional Security Operators 24 / 7. Operators will communicate with you in real-time while sending the nearest first responder directly to your location. Need a Precautionary Guardian? Security Operators can provide a Live Video Escort.

  • Live Video & Audio- Live streaming video is transmitted directly to your pre-set contacts. Allowing them to see, hear and follow your incident, getting you the help you need.
  • GPS Location & Movement- Your google map will reflect your started GPS and breadcrumbs tracking your location, until your situation is resolved. You have full control who and when contacts can see your location.
  • Stealth Mode- Turns your screen dark while continuing to discreetly stream critical data..
  • Anonymous Crime Reporting*- See something suspicious or eyewitness a crime? Send anonymous GPS tagged information directly to Security Professionals.
  • Pre-Set the Timer- If the alarm expires before you deactivate, EmergenSee automatically starts an Incident for you.
  • Secured Recording- A tamper-resistant watermarked recording of your incident is stored in your History File, as evidence after the fact.
  • Email / Text Notifications- EmergenSee sends a distress Text and/or Email to Pre-Set Contacts with a direct link to your live video and GPS map.
  • Pre-Scripted Fire – Police – EMT*- Quickly alert Security Professionals, which First Responder you want dispatched to assist you.
  • Two-Way Texting*- Once you start an Incident, EmergenSee Security Professionals Communicate in Real-time.
  • SafeWalk*- Precautionary Guardian – Security Operators provide a Live Video Escort.
  • Mass Broadcast Notifications*- Security Professionals easily communicate critical life saving information to their entire community.
  • Geo-Fence Technology*- Customize your campus / community’s virtual perimeter. Specify key areas of concern send real-time info directly to Security Patrol at that location.
  • 9-1-1 – If used within the GEO-Fence Dispatchers will be notified that a 911 call has been made.

* Available With Professional Version!