EmergenSee Reviewed on The Unofficial Apple Weblog


The Unofficial Apple Weblog, one of the internet’s leading authorities on iOS apps, reviewed EmergenSee and their impression was overwhelmingly positive.  TUAW Editor in Chief Victor Agreda Jr recounted his college days and lack of faith in the traditional “Blue Light” security boxes:

Speaking of the moment you need it, those blue light phones? Studies show they aren’t very effective. EmergenSee, on the other hand, tracks and records every incident and you can access those later.

Agreda Jr was particularly excited by EmergenSee’s Virtual Escort feature:

One feature I thought was quite brilliant, and was created because the company listens to customers, is Virtual Escort. This is a preset timer you create for an activity that will set off an alarm if you don’t complete it within that time.

Overall, the review highlights EmergenSee’s best and most helpful safety features, further proof that EmergenSee is the iPhone’s leading personal security app:

Compared to the competition, EmergenSee offers the best value and feature set of the bunch.

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