Family Safety is #1

Keeping our children safe is the #1 priority of today’s working parents, but this can be a difficult job. Some basic tips for unsupervised kids to improve “safety at home” are:

  • Don’t open the door to anyone unless you know them
  • When you are home without a parent, lock the doors and alarm the house
  • If someone calls and they are a stranger do not tell them your parents are not at home
  • Make sure that your mobile phone is charged at all times
  • Make sure that a neighbor or family member knows you are home and unsupervised

In today’s fast paced world there are many students being abducted or attacked by bullies or criminals on their way to and from school. We don’t like to think about these bad situations, but being aware and communicating to your kids about the dangers could help down the road.

If you need to leave for work early, before your kids go to school, ask a neighbor if they can fill in and help. Or contact the school and see if you can bring your kids to school early. You may even be able to seek assistance from the local police or town watch group, to help your children get to school safely if you need to be at work.

Reach out and ask for help. The most important message here is that your kids are safe. They need help, supervision and guidance going to and from school and after school.

If your child is old enough to stay without an adult, prepare them by working out a “safety plan” if you are not around. Walk through your home, put a plan of action together based on different scenarios. Have an exit strategy in case of an intruder. Have a contact plan in case of any sudden changes in schedule.

Another great tip is to have your entire family download the EmergenSee mobile safety app. It’s the latest technology in security for individuals, families and students. If you’re ever in danger, just tap the app and live video and audio, GPS location and movement is sent directly to pre-selected contacts, as it unfolds. The help you need, is notified, can see your entire situation and respond accordingly.

For more safety and security tips go to the EmergenSee website. Check out EmergenSee on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter for more information.