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What is EmergenSee?

EmergenSee is a high tech security system that transforms smartphones into a Personal Safety Device.  If you ever feel unsafe about the people or events going on around you, simply tap on the Safety App. Instantly, Live Streaming Video and GPS Location Data is simultaneously transmitted to your Pre-Selected Safety Contacts while securing a recording, as evidence after the fact.

What Smartphones can use EmergenSee?

All Users with iPhones and iPads equipped with iOS 6.0 or higher and on Androids 3.2 + or higher.

When should I start an incident?

Launch EmergenSee whenever you feel unsure about your safety. You can use it as often or as little as you like.   When you’ve reached safety, simply end the incident to close out the alarm and terminate tracking.

What will my EmergenSee contacts see?

As soon as you “Start an Incident“, EmergenSee sends a distress email and / or  SMS messages to your Pre-Selected Safety Contacts. The messages has a direct link to your live streaming video (or photo stream) and Google map, which will track your location and direction of travel. With the 24/7 Professional Monitoring Subscription and other EmergenSee Professional Security Partners, you are able to send and receive text messages and instructions with more details. Professional Plans provide you with precautionary escort services and other features.  See EmergenSee Solutions Chart Comparison.

When should I send an alert?

Discuss with your Pre-Selected Safety Contacts in advance of how they can assist you during an emergency. Have a clear emergency plan.  Assess your surroundings, send an alert (a clear call for help) whenever you feel uncomfortable or uncertain on the things going on around you with the “Start an Incident” option. It’s far better to be proactive and cautious to prevent a possible situation from escalating. Don’t hesitate if you are being harassed, if you’ve witnessed a crime, assault, a medical emergency, car accident or fire. Your security and safety of others is our top priority.

Where does the data go?

When you start an Incident (and only when YOU start an incident), EmergenSee streams live video to a secure server “in the cloud.” A link with the video feed is sent to the Pre-Selected Safety Contacts you entered when setting up your EmergenSee Profile (under “Contacts”).  A secured tamper resistant copy of your incident can be accessed through your “Incident History File” for your reference.

Can EmergenSee or My Contacts track me without my knowledge?

No.  EmergenSee honors the subscriber User Agreement: No one can track you. You have full control of when you activate an alarm to send a Distress Alert.  EmergenSee only tracks you during a “Started Incident”.  When you “End The Incident”, tracking is turned off, too.

I’m listed as an emergency contact, but I don’t receive emails or text alerts after an incident. Why?

Ask the person to open EmergenSee and go to Settings. On the Settings page, under People, touch your name. On the next screen, verify that your email address and phone number were entered correctly. If you’re still not receiving notifications from EmergenSee on your home screen, you may need to adjust your phone’s notification settings.

Open your Settings and touch Notifications, then EmergenSee. Make sure the Notification Center is “ON” and alert style is set to Banners or Alerts.

Open your Settings and touch Applications Manager, then EmergenSee. Make sure the box next to Show Notifications is checked.

What are the Features EmergenSee Safety App offers? See How It Works.

For Feature screen shots and descriptions.

What Features can I use with the 24/7 Professional Monitoring Subscription?

Professional Monitoring includes all of EmergenSee’s Features, in addition to a Team of Security Operators.  You may choose to add up to 3 additional Personal Safety Contacts.

Why is my incident history showing “0 Points” for Previous Incidents?

Ensure the incident reporter is allowing EmergenSee to see his/her location.

Open your Settings and touch Privacy, then Location Services. Verify that Location Services are turned on and the switch next to EmergenSee is set to ON.

Open your Settings and touch Location Services. Verify the box next to Use GPS Satellites is checked.

Why am I not receiving security broadcasts for my school or work?

To receive Security Mass Broadcast Alerts from your school or employer, you must first have EmergenSee installed on your smartphone and connect to your school or work’s security network.

Connect to Your School, University, Corporate Partners:
On EmergenSee’s Organization Page Settings Select EmergenSee U, start typing your University and select it from the list.  You must choose the school in order to receive campus security updates.

Connect to Your Corporate or 24/7 Professional Monitoring Partners: 
On EmergenSee’s Organization Page Settings Select EmergenSee Pro, then enter the Pro Code provided by your employer and touch Done.

* Pre-Selected Safety Contacts:  EmergenSee Professional Partners, 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center, K-12 Schools, Universities, Corporate Security or your own circle of trusted Family and Friends.

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