Georgetown Rolls Out New EmergenSee App: Your Own Virtual Campus Police Officer

When it comes to campus security, schools will stop at nothing to ensure their students, faculty, and staff remain safe. University of Maryland Eastern Shore just invested $60,000 in Bulletproof Whiteboards, Prince George’s county public schools are receiving one impressive facelift with $7.5 million worth of security upgrades, and now it’s Georgetown University that’s bent on providing an extra level of safety.

Today Georgetown announced the launch of a new mobile safety app that allows users who encounter unanticipated danger while walking to-and-fro campus the opportunity to directly connect to the Department of Public Safety with just the tap of a button. Imagine if you had your very own virtual campus police officer – that’s exactly what the EmergenSee App is.

You can use EmergenSee on your Apple or Android product and a live video and audio will be activated, sent directly from your phone along with your GPS location to Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety Communication Center. The personal security system automatically engages and even permits you to live chat via smartphone with a Georgetown public safety officer through text.

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