Holiday Shopping Safety

Holiday Shopping is fun but can be stressful and tiring. As we run from store to store looking for the best deals and the perfect gifts, most people aren’t thinking about their own personal safety.

Holiday shopping can present dangerous situations for many preoccupied shoppers. When people are busy they are less likely to spot potential threats. Every year criminals prey on frazzled shoppers as easy targets. Muggings, burglary and assaults are unfortunate realities during the holiday season.

Here are a few simple steps to help ensure a safer holiday shopping season:

1.  Whenever possible, shop during daylight hours. If you must shop at night, go with a friend or family. The buddy system is a safe way to go.

2.  Don’t wear expensive jewelry or reveal large amounts of cash while shopping. This could make you an easy target for thieves and pickpockets looking for their next victim.

3.  Keep your purse / wallet secure and closed at all times. Wallets are a prime target of pick pockets during the season.

4.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Take the time to pay attention to where you are headed.  Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or anyone that may be following you.

5.  Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid mishaps and to make sure you are physically able to get away from any potential dangers.

6.  Be aware of strangers approaching you for any reason. At this time of year,

con-artists may try several ways of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings. Do not engage with strangers that approach while you’re alone in a parking lot.

7.  Be your own personal safety advocate during the holiday season, download the EmergenSee App and Pre-Select Your Contacts.  EmergenSee turns your smartphone into a highly sophisticated personal security system.

If you sense danger or feel unsure about what’s going on around you, just tap the app and EmergenSee Instantly Streams Live Video and GPS Locations to Your Pre-Selected Contacts.  Your Contacts immediately see, hear and follow an incident as it unfolds, effectively responding to your situation.

The EmergenSee App is one that you don’t think you’ll ever need to use but should a situation arise you will be forever grateful you had it.  This is all about practicing safety in all situations and because this app is so easy to use you have nothing to lose by having it on your phone.

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