How It Works

One Tap Streams Live Video

Starting A Safety App Incident

Anytime you feel threatened or unsafe, EmergenSee Personal Safety App is there to connect you with Pre-Set Safety Contacts*. Once you Tap the EmergenSee App, Live Streaming Audio, Video and GPS Location Data is transmitted directly to your Safety Contacts. Your contacts will see, hear and follow the incident in real-time, providing them with full situational awareness, getting you the help you need.

* Free to Family and Friends  Use your own circle of trusted safety contacts.

* Professional Monitoring Subscription  Provides you with Tier 4 Homeland Defense Certified Monitoring Center. Security Operators receive live video & gps alert, communicate with you in real-time, while dispatching the nearest responder to your location. Even provides you with non-emergency / precautionary security escorts – Anytime, Anywhere for Any Reason.

* Professional Security Partners  Integrates into University, Businesses, Municipalities, Malls, Stadiums ect. The Live Video Alert is sent directly to Professional Security Partner Command Center on site of that location. Providing Security Teams with critical life saving situational data. Help your community – Put a live video camera into everyone’s hands.

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Streams Live Video & Audio

With just one tap, EmergenSee Streams Live Video and Audio directly to your Pre-Set Safety Contacts, allowing them to see, hear and follow an incident as it unfolds, providing you the help you need.


GPS Location & Movements

When you need immediate assistance, the EmergenSee App alerts your Pre-Set Safety Contacts with Real-Time “Incident GPS Location and Movements”. If you need to run away from your situation, Safety Contacts receive a google map with your started gps location and breadcrumbs tracking your movements. Your safety contacts are able to follow, even when you’re on the move.

The gps data tracking is only active when you initiate “Start” an EmergenSee Incident and will stop tracking when you “End” the Incident.  You are in full control of who can see you and when.


SafeWalk – Precautionary Escort

Select SafeWalk for a Precautionary Security Operator Live Video Escort. Professional Monitoring Security Operator stays with you in real-time, until you reach your destination or are comfortable with the situation. Think of us as your Personal Guardian – Anytime, Anywhere for Any Reason.


Report Crimes Anonymously

When you see a crime or eyewitness a suspicious incident in your community, send anonymous time stamped, gps tagged information to Professional Monitoring Operators and Professional Security Partners.

Providing positive interaction, encouraging the public to engage and give feedback between residents and authorities, will help better serve your community. If you see something, say something!


Pre-Set Timer

Going for a run or walking the dog? Pre-Set the Timer prior to departure for the expected duration of your activity. If the timer expires before you deactivate the alarm, EmergenSee automatically starts an incident notifying your Pre-Set Safety Contacts and / or Professional Monitoring Operators.


Email & Text Message Notifications

When you “Start an Incident”, EmergenSee sends a distress Text and/or Email Notification Messages to your Personal Safety Contacts. Contacts click on the provided link to display your Live Video, Audio and GPS Map.

With both the 24/7 Professional Monitoring and Professional Security Partner Solutions, EmergenSee’s Backend Command Center alerts Professional Security Operators with an ear piercing siren/alarm displaying your live video and gps instantly, that you need assistance. With jurisdictional lookup operators can locate and communicate with the nearest first responder.


Stealth Mode

In particularly difficult situations you may need to “Start an Incident” discreetly. Just switch to stealth mode to darken your screen, EmergenSee will continue streaming live video & gps data.

(By law, we are required to provide a small REC indicator on the screen)


Two-Way Texting

Communicate in Real-Time with EmergenSee’s Professional Monitoring and Security Partners. In particularly tense situations, you don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself by talking on the phone. Instead, once you “Start an Incident”, EmergenSee Professional Partners will requests a response. For your convenience, use pre-scripted responses or customize your own text response.

The EmergenSee User’s Audio is active on All Personal Safety Solutions.

Two-Way Texting – Only Available with Professional Plans.


Pre-Scripted Police – Fire – EMS

Pre-scripted first responder buttons allow users to notify Professional Monitoring Operator or Professional Security Partners, which first responder they want sent to the Incident.

Only Active with Professional Plans!

Free Version: All 3 Pre-Set Buttons – Start An Incident.

EmergenSee 911

In-App 911

Provides a direct 911 call within the EmergenSee App. If used within a Professional Security Partner geo-fenced area, Security Partner Command Center will be notified that a 911 call has been made. This 911 call can be activated at anytime within the EmergenSee App.

This is a “Phone Call” to 911. Keep in mind, 911 centers can not see your live video or gps data, you will need to verbally communicate the incident & location details.

Want EmergenSee Live Video and GPS integrated into your Community 911 Centers? For Details Contact EmergenSee!

EmergenSee Geo fence

Geo-Fence Technology

EmergenSee’s geo-fence is an invisible fencing (virtual perimeter) around pre-defined boundaries, like a University or Corporate Campus Partner, Hospital, Mall, City and State. When EmergenSee is activated within the geo-fence location, the user’s live video and gps incident is sent directly to the EmergenSee Professional Security Partner Command Center on-site of that geo-fenced area, dramatically reducing response time. For larger communities, set-up multiple geo-fences – Direct EmergenSee Incidents to First Responder Devices closest to that geo location.

See Security Integrator Demo

Mass Broadcast Alerts

Mass Broadcast Notifications

Within seconds, Security Professionals easily communicate critical life saving information to their entire community.

Secured Recordings

History File

A secured watermarked recording of your incident is stored in your History File, as evidence after the fact. Recording follows federal guidelines.

Secured Recordings


Use the settings menu to customize user preferences. Manage your profile, auto start, safety contacts, professional monitoring subscription, file history, rate and share…

Add up to 3 Trusted Personal Safety Contacts on all EmergenSee Plans. Your contacts do not need to have the EmergenSee Safety App and you can change them as often as you like.

Please notify your EmergenSee Safety Contact prior to adding them. 


Personal Profile

Your personal profile is a key way for Professional Monitoring Operators and Professional Security Partners to stay up-to-date on any underlying medical conditions / allergies. This information is secure and only shared with first responders, allowing them to arrive at the scene with the appropriate care to better assist you.

The additional profile information is at your discretion, add as little or as much personal information you wish.

paid  –  Only available through EmergenSee 24/7 Professional Monitoring and Professional Security Partner Plans

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