How The EmergenSee App Works Video


EmergenSee, your own personal security system. The EmergenSee app turns your smartphone into your own personal security system that instantly connects you to family, friends, and authorities during an emergency.

If you’re walking alone at night and feel unsafe or threatened, just tap the EmergenSee app and your personal security system engages. EmergenSee instantly transmits streaming live video, live audio, pinpoints your exact location on a geomap, GPS tracking engages, and all of this is sent directly to your designated emergency contacts and responders.

Help is just a single tap away with the free download of EmergenSee. Annually there are over 320,000 campus crimes, 683,000 women are assaulted, 5.2 million car accidents occur, and bullying and hostile workplace environments are on the rise. This personal security system gives you and your family peace of mind.

All recorded incidents are stored remotely and accessible 24/7. It’s that simple and it’s easy. Be ready for the unexpected. Download EmergenSee today. It’s a good feeling knowing that the help you need is just a tap away.