Lehigh University Talks about EmergenSee Safety

First-Year Lehigh Engineers

Life as a Lehigh Engineer from the perspective of first-year students

By Ibrahim Hashmi

Lehigh is Safe

This Sunday the cool gryphons managed to invite 2 officers from the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD) to the lounge in Dravo to talk about their role at Lehigh. There were free Donuts as an incentive for students to take some time out of their busy day and attend the talk. The officers told us some startling statistics about how big an effort they make to keep Lehigh as safe as possible. For example, we have more police officers on road during the night time as do Bethlehem police. Moreover, they introduced a very important application available on both android and IOS, called EmergenSee. If you turn on the app, your camera will turn on too and then the police could hear and see what you are hearing and seeing. So if they think there is something wrong they will send a police car to your location. The average response time is 2-3 min if not less. The officers were very friendly and even invited us to just visit their building and chat which I have never seen a police officer saying. In addition to that, they gave us LUPD bags and sunglasses as gifts as they left. I have to say the session was very informative. This is one of the perks of college life, you can never get into such a casual talk with policeman but these kind of opportunities you will find continuously at Lehigh!

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