Penn State Fraternity Shut Down for Behavior

Penn State Fraternity Shut Down for ‘Deeply Troubling Behavior’

The investigation into Kappa Delta Rho began after allegations that its members posted nude photos of woman to two secret Facebook pages.

Reported by  Kara Seymour Newtown Patch Staff

A Penn State fraternity has been shut down for a “persistent series of deeply troubling behavior,” including the creation of two secret Facebook pages allegedly showing photos of nude women, the university announced Tuesday.

A university investigation revealed members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity engaged in hazing activities and sexual harassment, according to a statement from Penn State.

The investigation into the fraternity was launched in March, after allegations surfaced that its members created private Facebook pages to share photos of naked woman, including females who were passed out, sleeping and even vomiting.

University officials said their investigation into Kappa Delta Rho revealed that misconduct was not limited to the illicit Facebook pages.

Pledges were forced to create stories containing pornographic images and a “sex position of the day,” officials said. According to the university‘s investigation, “members regularly posted embarrassing photos of women; used demeaning language to describe females; and cultivated a persistent climate of humiliation for several females.”

In March, when the allegations surfaced, Kappa Delta Rho was suspended by Penn State’s intrafraternity governing body and the national chapter.

Penn State Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims explained Tuesday’s decision in a letter to the student-led Interfraternity Council. “We base this decision on the sum of misbehaviors exhibited by various members of Kappa Delta Rho. Not every member of the chapter was equally culpable for violation of the University’s expectations for recognized student organizations,” Sims said.

Police in State College, where the university’s main campus is located, say they first learned of the illicit sites when a former member of the fraternity reported the nude photos directly to law enforcement officials.

On its national website, Kappa Delta Rho credits itself for developing “educated gentlemen who promote human dignity, positive relationships among men, and moral excellence of the highest ideals.”

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