EmergenSee at WSL “Follow Your Instincts”

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Meetup at WSL: Phil Reitnour

Phil Reitnour, Founder and CEO of EmergenSee

February 17 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am 

Phil, along with his family founded EmergenSee, a real-time personal security system for smartphones. His creative ideas, strategic planning and tactical execution has led to the development and creation of this innovative new technology. Prior to EmergenSee, Phil has over 21 years of visionary entrepreneurial experience, which include ventures in Real Estate, Banking and Retail Petroleum.

After a 10 year Banking career, Phil formed Reitnour Energy Corp in 1992 that he built from the ground up and sold to Mobil Oil in 1994. Phil was a founding investor and advisor for New Century Bank, a Pennsylvania community bank startup now wholly owned by Customers Bank. Phil entered real estate on a larger scale and sought out raw land, obtained zoning approvals and created numerous solely owned real estate investments from residential apartments to large shopping centers ultimately focusing on retail land leases to various large credit tenants. In 2009, he developed a mobile commerce website called UList.com.

Phil holds a BA from the University of Delaware where he was President of his graduating class, wrestled and played football. Phil has devoted countless hours to various nonprofit organizations and also sits on numerous boards.