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How Does It Work?

EmergenSee’s Patented Personal Safety App streams live video and GPS data directly to our Professional Monitoring Center Security Operators. Using your live video and GPS data, security operators communicate with you discreetly, while sending the closest first responder directly to your location.


Tap The EmergenSee App


Live Video Is Transmitted


Directly To Professional Security Operators


Help is on The Way!

Who's It For?

Everyone wanting the added protection of a Professional Security Team there to assist you 24 x 7 x 365 in the event of an emergency.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring Center

  • Tier 4 Homeland Defense Certified Facility
  • UL and FM Accredited Monitoring
  • Biometric Access Control
  • State-of-the-art Audio/Video Management System
  • Fully Redundant Power System, Whole Center on UPS and Generator Power
  • Multiple Communication Carriers and Electrical Services
  • Access to Large Quantities of Bandwidth
  • Colocation Services for NVR and Other Security Needs

Dedicated Security Operators

When you start an EmergenSee Incident, a loud siren / alarm is activated at our Professional Monitoring Center. Instantly, Professionally Trained Security Operators recieve your live video and gps data, communicate with you in real-time, while dispatching nearby first responder, directly to your gps location. Using key profile information, Security Operators can alert First Responders in advance, of any critical medical information, arriving at the scene fully prepared to assist you.

Single Point Communication

Optional Police / Fire / EMS buttons, announce which first responder is needed. Using your current gps mapping, EmergenSee’s Security Operator has direct access to the first responder nearby. Security Operators handle all communications for you: No transferring / new calls or passing you off to another service operator / provider.

Personal Guardian

Anytime, Anywhere for Any Reason

A late night walk to your car, meeting someone new for the first time, walking into an unknown property or any other reason you need added protection. Choose SafeWalk to provide you with a Precautionary Security Operator Live Video Escort. Secuirty Operators stay with you in real-time, until you safely reach your destination.

Gives Me Peace of Mind

  I want to know my kids are safe, whether my son's at baseball practice or my daughter's at dance... If they have any concern what-so-ever the app alerts me and the security agents... EmergenSee gives me piece of mind. Micheal, Father Contact Us

Organization and Association Safety App Features

Live Video & Audio

Live streaming video is transmitted directly to your contacts. Allowing them to see, hear and follow your incident, getting you the help you need.

GPS Location & Movement

Your google map will reflect your started GPS and breadcrumbs tracking your location, until your situation is resolved.

Stealth Mode

Turns your screen dark while continuing to discreetly stream critical data.

Anonymous Crime Reporting

See something suspicious or witness a crime? Send anonymous GPS tagged information directly to Security Professionals.

Pre-Scripted Police-Fire-EMS

Quickly alert Security Professionals, which First Responder you want dispatched to assist you.

Two-Way Texting

Once you start an Incident, EmergenSee Security Professionals Communicate in Real-time.

Instant Text & Email Notifications

EmergenSee sends a distress Text and/or Email messages with a direct link to your live video and GPS location on a google map.

Pre-Set Timer

Pre-Set the Timer. If the alarm expires before you deactivate, EmergenSee automatically starts an Incident for you.

Secured Recording

A tamper-resistant watermarked recording of your incident is stored in your History File, as evidence after the fact.

SafeWalk - Escort

Precautionary Guardian - Security Operators provide a Live Video Escort.

Mass Broadcast Notifications

Security Professionals easily communicate critical life saving information to their entire community.

Geo-Fence Technology

Customize your campus / community's virtual perimeter. Specify key areas of concern send real-time info directly to Security Patrol at that location.


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