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Backend Command Center Provides Actionable Life Saving Data

How Does It Work?

EmergenSee's award winning enterprise grade Information Management Security System, easily integrates into existing Professional Security Partner infrastructure. EmergenSee's Command Center provides public safety, dispatchers and first responders, real-time video and gps data of all incidents within the geo fence area. Utilizing gps and live video, responders gain critical life saving situational data, arriving faster fully prepared to handle the incident.


Tap The EmergenSee App


Live Video Is Transmitted


Directly To Your Command Center


Respond With Situational Awareness

Who's It For?

EmergenSee's Professional Security Partner Solution, integrates into any existing security infrastructure. Don't have your own on-site security? Want to increase your security team? Or Add late night / weekend backup? EmergenSee's Tier 4 Homeland Defense Certified Professional Monitoring Center can assist you.

EmergenSee Command Center

EmergenSee’s Command Center is a web based Incident Management System. Secured on redundant Amazon Servers. When a user “Taps the App” within the geo fenced areas, a loud siren/alarm activates the Command Center, providing Administrators real-time video, audio and gps data.  Utilizing live streaming video and gps data conveniently displayed on a Google map, authorities are provided key information necessary to resolve the situation quickly.

Multiple GEO-Fences

Larger campuses / communities can set-up multiple geo-fences (virtual perimeters) within their community. Designate high crime areas, off-campus housing or a remote parking lot directly to Security Officers Device on duty at that location, dramatically reducing officer response / resolution time. Meanwhile, Central Command Dispatchers can monitor the video in real-time, sending backup if needed.

Campus Crime Is On The Rise

With today’s increased crime, campus / communities are more vulnerable then ever. EmergenSee’s Command Center provides Professional Security Partners with state-of-the-art incident management technology. The EmergenSee Personal Safety App is provided “Free” to the entire community. If a threat arises, the user simply taps the app for an instant connection to your security team, providing you with eyes at the scene in real-time.

The user’s profile, alerts responders in advance of any underlying medical conditions, allergies, ect, arriving at the scene with the appropriate care.

All incidents are recorded and secured with a watermarked time / date stamp to meet federal guidelines, use as review or evidence after the fact.

Crowd Source Critical Data

With more than 78% of all emergency calls being made on mobile, EmergenSee’s Personal Safety App allows the entire community to interact in a positive way. Users who witness a crime or something suspicious, can send gps tagged information anonymously, to Professional Security Partners. By increasing the communication between the community and safety officials, you are provided more timely critical data, improving situational awareness when responding to incidents.

EmergenSee’s Mass Broadcast Notification System, allows security administrators to easily communicate critical life saving information to their entire community within seconds.

Add 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center

Don’t have your own on-site professional security team, want to increase your existing team or add late night / weekend backup? EmergenSee’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center will assist you.

  • Tier 4 Homeland Defense Certified Facility
  • UL and FM Accredited Monitoring
  • Biometric Access Control
  • State-of-the-art Audio/Video Management System
  • Fully Redundant Power System, Whole Center on UPS and Generator Power
  • Multiple Communication Carriers and Electrical Services
  • Access to Large Quantities of Bandwidth
  • Colocation Services for NVR and Other Security Needs

Dedicated Security Operators

Professionally Trained Security Operators are there to assist Professional Security Partners 24/7/365. With Jurisdictional lookup, Security Operators have direct access to the first responder nearby. Operators can directly handle all communications for your campus / community or assist your professional security team as needed. Request A Demo Below.


Security Solutions For

Business, Education & Enterprise

  As the parent of two daughters and as a former police, fire fighter and EMS, the answer is simple. I want my children to have every possible tool available to them should trouble occur. R.S. Doaty, Director of Security The Hill School Request A Demo

Professional Security Partner App Features

Live Video & Audio

Live streaming video is transmitted directly to your Professional Security Partner Command Center and Pre-Selected Safety Contacts. Allowing you to see, hear and follow the incident, providing the assistance needed.

GPS Location & Movement

User's google map will reflect their started gps with breadcrumbs tracking their location, until the situation is resolved.

Stealth Mode

Turns user's screen dark while continuing to discreetly stream live video and gps data.

Anonymous Crime Reporting

See something suspicious or witness a crime? Send anonymous gps tagged information directly to Security Professionals.

Pre-Scripted Police-Fire-EMS

Quickly alerts Security Professionals, which First Responder you want dispatched to assist you.

Two-Way Texting

Once a user starts an Incident, EmergenSee Security Professionals Communicate in Real-time.

Email / Text Notifications

EmergenSee sends a distress Text and/or Email to Pre-Selected Safety Contacts with a direct link to the incident live video and gps map.

Pre-Set Timer

Users Pre-Set the Timer. If the alarm expires before deactivated, EmergenSee automatically starts an Incident, streaming live video and gps data.

Secured Recording

A tamper-resistant watermarked recording of all incidents is stored in your History File, as evidence after the fact.

SafeWalk - Escort

Precautionary Guardian - Security Operators provide a Live Video Escort.

Mass Broadcast Notifications

Within seconds, Security Professionals communicate critical life saving information to their entire community.

Geo-Fence Technology

Customize your campus / community's virtual perimeter. Specify key areas of concern.

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