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Secured SDK For Easy Integration

How Does It Work?

A cutting-edge API / SDK package of EmergenSee's existing Professional Security System and Safety App, for secured integration into your application. Integrating EmergenSee's technology allows your customers to instantly stream live video and gps data directly to your own backend command center from their mobile device whenever they feel threatened. This ground breaking technology, provides your customers and employees with newfound security and assurance that help is available anytime they need it. Choose between your own Call Center and/or EmergenSee's Tier 4 Homeland Security Certified Center to help your community stay safe.


Tap The EmergenSee App


Live Video Is Transmitted


To Your Call Center


Respond With Situational Awareness

Who's It For?

EmergenSee's SDK SaaS solution is ideally suited for companies that have deep roots in tech but help their customers meet and connect in the real world, such as online dating, ridesharing, e-commerce, hospitality, and transportation. Companies like AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, Craigslist, and many others are just a few of that companies that benefit from integrating our security technology.

Grow Your User Base

Increase your company appeal with a security-conscious public concerned about serious crimes, including kidnappings, sexual assault and other headline-grabbing incidents. With EmergenSee’s one-tap emergency reporting, a person on an online date, a guest in a stranger’s apartment or a ride-sharing passenger can all request help anytime and anywhere, ensuring they have full confidence in your service. That’s why EmergenSee SaaS is key to on-boarding new customers and accelerating revenue growth.

EmergenSee Benefits

  • Increased customer safety with your own state-of-the-art security tool
  • Jurisdictional look up, for direct access to First Responders
  • Removes uncertainty from encounters between people meeting for first time, such as ride sharing
  • Advanced Audio/Video Management System
  • Increase your ROI with positive customer experiences
  • Improve your brand’s reputation by protecting your customers, employees, representatives and guests
  • Easy to read EmergenSee reports

Easy Integration

With SDK, it’s finally easy to integrate EmergenSee security technology into your own products for actionable security intelligence, whether it’s an app or wearable fitness device. Use EmergenSee’s easy-to-read GPS mapping feature to ensure that first-responders will know exactly where to offer help and Advanced Incident Management technology to track and analyze each emergency incident. All of EmergenSee’s features blend seamlessly into your platform’s back-end, ensuring a unified user experience under your own brand.

Companies integrating security services into their products are:

  • Home alarm companies
  • Smart home automation
  • Navigation
  • IoT
  • Hospitality
  • Smart cities

Offer your community the best security on the market, while growing revenue and improving customer experience.

SaaS SDK App Features

Live Video & Audio

Live streaming video is transmitted directly to your Professional Command Call Center. Allows you to see, hear and follow the incident, providing the needed assistance.

GPS Location & Movement

User's google map will reflect their started gps with breadcrumbs tracking their location, until the situation is resolved.

Stealth Mode

Turns user's screen dark while continuing to discreetly stream live video and gps data.

Anonymous Crime Reporting

See something suspicious or witness a crime? Send anonymous gps tagged information directly to Security Professionals.

Pre-Scripted Police-Fire-EMS

Quickly alerts Security Professionals, which First Responder you want dispatched to assist you.

Two-Way Texting

Once a user starts an Incident, Security Professionals Communicate in Real-time.

Email / Text Notifications

EmergenSee sends a distress Text and/or Email alerts to Pre-Selected Safety Contacts with a direct link to the incident live video and gps map.

Pre-Set Timer

Users Pre-Set the Timer. If the alarm expires before deactivated, EmergenSee automatically starts an Incident.

Secured Recording

A tamper-proof watermarked recording of all incidents is stored in your History File, as evidence after the fact.

SafeWalk - Escort

Precautionary Guardian - Security Operators provide a Live Video Escort.

Mass Broadcast Notifications

Within seconds, Security Professionals communicate critical life saving information to their entire community.

Geo-Fence Technology

Customize your own virtual perimeter, directing incidents to the nearest Agent on location.

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