Safety App Streams Live Video

Safety App Streams Live Video And GPS with immediately Access to Professional Monitoring

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In today’s increasingly dangerous campus environments, Realtors entering vacant houses meeting customers, students scared walking home late into the evening, road rage, assault, life threatening allergies and various emergency medical conditions can occur when you least expect it. You have to have a security system that delivers reassurance anytime, anywhere you are. The EmergenSee Personal Safety App will give you everything that you need – With One Tap.

Only EmergenSee’s Safety App Streams Live Video, Audio and GPS data on to 24/7 Professional Monitoring Security Operators. EmergenSee even records your incident providing you a secured, watermarked copy of the incident, for evidentiary purposes afterwards. You may also add to 3 Pre-Set Personal Safety Contacts to obtain your live video and gps data simultaneously.

How Does EmergenSee Work?

With One Tap, EmergenSee’s Safety App streams live video and gps data to EmergenSee’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center. Security Operators receive your live video and gps data, communicate with you in real-time, while dispatching surrounding first responder, to where you are. With immediate access to first responders, Security Operators handle all communications for you: No transferring / new calls or passing you on to another service operator or provider. Employing your secured profile information, Security Operators are alerted of Allergies or pre-existing Medical Conditions, allowing first responders to show up fully ready to handle your situation. If you’re looking for a Safety App that can:

• Live Stream Video with Audio – Real-Time video is transmitted instantly to Security Operators.

• GPS Location and Movements – Your Safety Contact receive a Google Map with your started gps and breadcrumbs tracking your current location.

• Safe Walk – Precautionary Guardian – Security Operators offer a Live Video Escort Anytime, Anywhere for any reason.

• Crime Reporting – Eyewitness to a crime or suspicious behavior? Send anonymous GPS tagged information to Security Professionals. Helping to better serve your community.

• Two-Way Communication – Security Operators communicate with you until help arrives.

• Auto Start Safety Timer – Getting a run in at night? Pre-Set the timer, if your alarm expires before you deactivate, EmergenSee automatically starts an incident for you – Alerting your Safety Contacts of your situation.

• And a whole lot more.

This can be the perfect personal safety solution for college kids, college campuses, realtors, nurses, seniors, businesses, malls, stadiums as well as other large venues that are prone to today’s acts of violence, theft or harassment.

When you wish to capture everything occurring surrounding you right away, EmergenSee allows you to do that… plus more! With full situational awareness responders arrive faster, fully prepared. The anonymous “tip” feature enables the entire community to crowd source incidents providing eyes and ears everywhere, looking out for one other. If you see something, say something!

Today’s security technology doesn’t get any better than this. Don’t hold off until it’s too late, Download EmergenSee today.

For more info about Who It’s For including Realtors, Nurses, Students and Communities see this useful page!