Safety Tips for Girls on Campus

Walking alone on a college campus at night can be dangerous for anyone, however women tend to be more at risk. Underage drinking often compounds these dangers. Often times, criminals will prey on or near campus life looking for unsuspecting victims. This can lead to hazardous situations that include robbery, rape, assault and more. There are several simple precautions you can take to help minimize your risk level while on or near campus.

Always walk with a friend and always walk with a purpose, as if you are almost arriving at your destination. This will throw off perpetrators and make them think you are in control of the situation. A pepper spray keychain can help. Make sure your cell phone is always in your hands, giving you easy access to communicate. The less someone can “read” you the better.

If you realize you are too intoxicated for your own comfort, it is in your best interest to have a friend either pick you up or escort you home. You do not want to be seen stumbling around, leaving yourself vulnerable. If you do decide to walk alone it is important to make eye contact with any passer by; letting them know that you have seen them and you can identify them. Try not to wear long necklaces or clothing that is easy to grab or hard to run in. If you can alter your fashion in any way to make yourself less vulnerable you should do so.

Sometimes all of these precautions are not nearly enough to avoid an attack, so take the ultimate precaution and download the EmergenSee Safety App on your Smartphone or Tablet.

EmergenSee is a fast, easy and discreet personal security app that allows you to have professional security at your side at all times. You can download EmergenSee right on your Smartphone or tablet for free and if you ever feel as though you are in imminent danger, just tap the app. Once EmergenSee is launched, your pre-selected contacts or professional responders will immediately receive a live video and audio feed that shows your exact situation and what is going on. EmergenSee can come in handy for any situation; campus crime, school bullying, child abductions, rape, assault, work place violence, hate crimes, stalking and more.

EmergenSee also has a Virtual Escort feature that you can set up anytime, day or night. If you are leaving work, going to a friends home, meeting up with someone, you can literally set a timer, engage EmergenSee and your friend or family member can be walking with you, making sure you are safe. There are many ways to use the Virtual Escort feature to help you get to your destination safely and on-time.

With just a tap, you can control the situation instead of being controlled. So take action and download EmergenSee.