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EmergenSee Focused on Campus Security at ISC West

PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 5, 2013 – The EmergenSee executive team will be attending the
2013 ISC West Show in Las Vegas, NV. As a staunch supporter of school
safety and mass notification effectiveness, EmergenSee technology is adding another level of
security for schools and universities across the country and around the world.

With the increase of mass shootings like Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado, Oikos University, Virginia Tech, San Jose State University, Northern Illinois University and Columbine High School, EmergenSee is gaining the respect of many high-level school administrators for its “EmergenSee Safe School Zone” system.

EmergenSee is the only real-time mobile security app that allows users to instantly stream live
real-time video, audio and GPS location & movements to pre-selected personal contacts or
professional safety responders when you begin to feel unsafe about the people or events
unfolding around you.

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Simply tap the app and EmergenSee’s patented technology does the rest. Responders (Family,
Friends, Campus Security, Private or Public Safety Partners) can immediately see, hear and
follow the incident as it unfolds and effectively react to the situation. Even if the user’s phone is
destroyed during an incident all the data transmitted to preset contacts, private or public safety
partners is redundantly stored and archived in EmergenSee’s secured servers.

EmergenSee is the only patented technology that allows you to transmit real-time detailed
information to campus security, public safety and/or your personal contacts when threatening
and potentially dangerous situations are encountered. EmergenSee™ is discreet, fast and easy
to use.

Jason Friedberg, Executive Vice President of EmergenSee is deeply involved with the passage
of the Campus Safety Act, which has now authorized the creation of the National Center for
Campus Public Safety. Mr. Friedberg is a panel expert and board member of the VTV Family
Outreach Foundation which lends support to Virginia Tech and the almost 1000 others killed
and wounded in mass killings in the United States.

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