‘Shark Tank’: 5 EmergenSee Facts

 EmergenSee Enters the ‘Shark Tank’:

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

1. It’s a Free App that Saves Evidence:

Customers can download the free app on iTunes. It streams live video with audio directly to contacts of your choice, enabling them to see the incident that is causing you distress. It also sends your GPS location to family, friends and authorities.

As opposed to solely recording the crime on your phone, this records it with a tamper resistant watermarked time / date stamp. It cannot be deleted by anyone. With a phone recording, if your phone is destroyed, so is the recording.

2. Extensive Research Went Into It:

It entailed looking at the current 911 system and how it works with technology. They found that it needed to also incorporate GPS and texting.

In addition, they looked at security systems on college campuses and corporations, which usually consisted of a blue light pole only in certain areas.

3. The Idea Came From Road Rage:

On a family vacation, after experiencing a life threatening road rage situation, on unmarked rural road while out of town. With 5 sleepy kids late at night going back to the hotel. Not knowing where we were or how to tell 911 how to locate us. We drove for more than 15 mins until we found a well lit populated area.

4. ‘Shark Tank’ Was Interested From the Start:

After they were interviewed for the show at a casting call in Philly, they were asked to submit a video pitch. However, the company was in the midst of a corporate deal and was advised to pass up on the offer.

Six months later, casting contacted them again. At that point, they were ready since they had secured their Tier 4 Homeland Security Professional Monitoring Center and had started their subscription plan for friends and family.

5. The VP Is a Former Chief of Police:

Jason Friedberg, former Chief of Police at Bucknell University with over 20 years of experience in security, serves as the Executive VP for EmergenSee. He presented with Reitnour on Shark Tank.

By Angela Barbuti on Heavy