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Sep 10th, 2016  College Campus Safety is a Family Affair

Expert Advice for students and parents on being safe at college By New Caanon, Connecticut Reporter Kirtan Sveda After the carting of plastic crates, comforters, shower caddies and laptops to your child’s dorm, New Canaan experts advise that it is not too late to have the important conversations with your college student about safety during the critical first semester. In the second of our two-part series on college campus safety we talked to local experts about the latest ways campuses are keeping kids safe and how parents can help. “For first-year students, it’s a huge transition,” said Todd Pelozza, director of campus safety for Fairfield University. The campus has made efforts to address the nation’s growing concerns to improve the safety […]

Nov 17th, 2015  LUPD Reviews Active Shooter Protocol

LUPD sessions educate about active shooter protocol BY  RAPHAEL KHALLOUQI  The Lehigh University Police Department offered a series of emergency preparedness presentations for all Lehigh students, faculty and staff on Nov. 5-6 to prepare individuals if an active shooter were to come to campus. If this were to happen, LUPD recommends calling them instead of 911 because LUPD officers are in a better position to respond quickly, and they know the campus and are familiar with all locations. “If you call the 911 Center, they will take the information, ask for directions or addresses for your location, and then contact us to respond,” said Lehigh Chief of Police Edward Shupp. If there is an active shooter on campus, and a student […]

Dec 15th, 2014  U.S. Department of Justice – Rape and Sexual Assault Report

Special Report on Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization Among College-Age Females 1995-2013 Sofi Sinozich, BJS Intern Lynn Langton, Ph.D., BJS Statistician  Some Highlights: This report uses the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) to compare the rape and sexual assault victimization of female college students and nonstudents. When comparing The rate of rape and sexual assault was 1.2 times higher for nonstudents (7.6 per 1,000) than for students (6.1 per 1,000). For both college students and nonstudents, the offender was known to the victim in about 80% of rape and sexual assault victimizations. Most (51%) student rape and sexual assault victimizations occurred while the victim was pursuing leisure activities away from home, compared to nonstudents who were engaged in other activities at […]

Aug 8th, 2013  Campus Assault: Protect Yourself with EmergenSee

According to the educational newspaper “The daily beast” In 2010 approximately 1,169 assaults occurred within 20 of the largest universities sampled. This is most likely a low estimate, as several campus assaults go unrecorded during weekends when fights erupt after students have been drinking. Unfortunately, assaults on college campuses have become a normal part of student life in many universities across America. It is important for college students to do everything in their power to avoid becoming another assault statistic. This is where downloading the app EmergenSee can be life changing. EmergenSee is a fast, free, easy and discreet personal security app that allows you to have professional security at your side at all times. You can download EmergenSee right […]

Jun 25th, 2013  EmergenSee Campus Safety App

Helping to Keep Campuses Safer From the highly accredited Ivy League universities to the small states schools across America, crime and imminent danger has always been a fixture and is an increasing problem all over campuses nationwide. The obvious examples would be the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, the Yale Lab murder, the Ohio State shooting, the accused rapes that occurred within the Duke Lacrosse team, and the child molestations that happened within the grounds of Penn State University. Every year that passes it seems as though a new horrific event occurs, keeping parents and kids questioning if they will truly be safe at their university. College campuses can be deceivingly dangerous as drugs and alcohol influence a large part […]

Jun 19th, 2013  AMCEST Partners With EmergenSee

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — EmergenSee the world leader in Mobile Personal Emergency Response Technology that turns your smartphone or tablet into a Personal Security System, announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with AMCEST, one of the nations oldest, largest and most respected central monitoring stations.   EmergenSee®’s patented technology allows users to transmit detailed real-time video, audio and GPS information to responders when serious and potentially dangerous situations are encountered.  EmergenSee® is discreet, fast and easy to use.   With just one tap of the app, contacts can immediately see, hear and follow the incident as it unfolds and effectively react to the situation. “EmergenSee, Inc. is pleased to form this partnership with AMCEST as it extends our mobile safety app to […]