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Nov 11th, 2014  AppPicker Lists Best iPhone Personal Safety Apps

AppPicker Announces the Best Distress and Personal Safety Apps For iPhones… EmergenSee® Personal Security System’s Patented Technology sends Live Streaming Video, Audio, GPS Location and Movement to Pre-Selected Contacts* when serious and potentially dangerous situations are encountered. EmergenSee is discreet, fast and easy to use. With just one tap of the app, contacts can immediately see, hear and follow the incident as it unfolds and effectively respond with situational awareness. LIVE VIDEO & AUDIO Once EmergenSee is launched, it streams live video and audio to a secure server that is instantly reviewed by your Pre-Selected Contacts. GPS LOCATION EmergenSee’s unique Geo-Fencing technology and your smartphone’s GPS ensures that your Pre-Selected Contacts will be instantly and accurately notified of your exact […]

Nov 11th, 2014  Connected World Reports On EmergenSee Personal Safety

EmergenSee Adds To Personal Security More and more criminal acts are being caught on video courtesy of people using their cellphones. While it has produced evidence of crimes as they occur, a new app allows for users to send videos and provide additional information in realtime to the proper authorities. EmergenSee,, was developed in response to the numbers of school shootings, attacks on law-enforcement officials, and other violent situations which have garnered attention during the past several years. Once the screen is tapped by the user, the EmergenSee app is able to stream live video, audio, and GPS (global positioning system) information to a group of predetermined contacts. A paid version of the app is available for $8.99 per month, […]

Sep 25th, 2014  NewsWatch Features EmergenSee on History Channel

Andrew Tropeano of NewsWatch Recommends EmergenSee as a Personal Safety App Today on History Channel. Colleges aren’t known for having the best security, and my alma mater is no exception. There was never a time that I felt safe, because there were always so many crimes happening around me. Thankfully I was always safe, but that doesn’t mean that something couldn’t have happened to me. I wish that I had the EmergenSee app when I was in college. It’s a 24/7 professional monitoring system that stands by to help you. All you have to do is tap a button on your phone, and the app sends live video and your GPS location to their security team. The security team responds quickly by texting, […]

Nov 13th, 2013  appPicker Reviews EmergenSee: Helping you in those unexpected emergencies

EmergenSee®’s revolutionary technology turns your smartphone into a personal security system that Instantly Streams Live Video, Audio and GPS Location to Pre-Selected Contacts* when threatening or potentially dangerous situations are encountered. With just one tap, your Pre-Selected Contacts* immediately see, hear and follow an incident as it unfolds, responding to your incident with situational awareness. The EmergenSee app is one that you don’t think you’ll ever need to use, but should a situation arise you will be forever grateful you had it on your device. This is all about practicing safety in all situations.  Because the EmergenSee app is so easy to use, you have nothing to lose by having it on your device. To read the full appPicker review click here Free Download click here

Jun 11th, 2013  EmergenSee Featured in Security Management Magazine: An App Approach to Crime

An App Approach to Crime By Ann Longmore-Etheridge College, for most young people, is the first time they are away from parents and on their own. How they handle experiences while there can be transformative. One new experience that no parent or school wants them to have, however, is an on-campus crime. But crimes do happen, and anything schools can do to improve responsiveness can minimize their impact. With that in mind, Susquehanna University is encouraging students to use a new application for smartphones that helps them quickly notify the school’s public safety department if they see or are the target of criminal activity. READ THE ENTIRE CASE STUDY HERE