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Nov 28th, 2014  EmergenSee Top 5 Shopping Safety Tips

Top 5 Shopping Safety Tips By Elissa Sanci The holiday season is here and we all know what that means—the time to shop is now upon us. Shopping can be a great way to bond with friends, something fun to look forward to and a fun way to spend your Saturday. But it can also lead to a lot of stress and anxious feelings—you’re already worried about money and whether or not grandma will like the bag you just bought her; keeping safe shouldn’t be another concern on your mind. Here are five things you can do to keep safe this holiday season: Go shopping with a friend: They say that there’s safety in numbers, and it’s true. Shop with someone […]

Oct 13th, 2014  It’s On All of Us to Stop Sexual Assault

By Elissa Sanci Sexual assault is an ongoing problem on college campuses—in 2012, more than 3,900 reports of forcible sex offenses on college campuses nationwide. This number is up 50 percent over the past three years, and doesn’t account for the fact that far too many sexual assault incidents go unreported. Because of the rise in sexual assault offenses, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden launched a new public awareness and education campaign entitled “It’s On Us” Friday, Sept. 19. This campaign is a cultural movement aimed at shifting the way society thinks about sexual assault. It is also about “raising awareness, holding ourselves and each other accountable, and looking out for someone who cannot consent,” according to […]

Oct 6th, 2014  Safety and Online Dating

Tinder Tales By Elissa Sanci After going through a really rough breakup, I recently decided to pick myself up after months of throwing tear filled pity parties for myself. This process included dusting myself off and getting back out there. I downloaded the popular dating app Tinder. At first, I was more than a little apprehensive about it, but a good friend of mine decided it was what I needed to get myself out of my rut. I made a profile, swiped right for a few attractive guys and waited. Even though I was initially creeped out and disgusted by the app, I kept swiping and messaging in a vain attempt to continue my healing process. After wading through all […]