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Dec 20th, 2013 Features EmergenSee

Family oriented App review website  Featured EmergenSee Personal Security System.  Reviewer Katherine writes: “…although we hate to imagine any of our family members or loved ones in danger, the reality is that we often have to think about it to be prepared for the worst. We teach our children never to talk to strangers or use the stove without a grownup, but one day they leave the nest and before, all you could do was hope that they would remember all of the important lessons you taught them, until now. Now you can equip your child and your entire family with their own personal security system, EmergenSee.” Read Review Here FREE Download!

Aug 2nd, 2013  Family Safety is #1

Keeping our children safe is the #1 priority of today’s working parents, but this can be a difficult job. Some basic tips for unsupervised kids to improve “safety at home” are: Don’t open the door to anyone unless you know them When you are home without a parent, lock the doors and alarm the house If someone calls and they are a stranger do not tell them your parents are not at home Make sure that your mobile phone is charged at all times Make sure that a neighbor or family member knows you are home and unsupervised In today’s fast paced world there are many students being abducted or attacked by bullies or criminals on their way to and […]