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Nov 17th, 2015  LUPD Reviews Active Shooter Protocol

LUPD sessions educate about active shooter protocol BY  RAPHAEL KHALLOUQI  The Lehigh University Police Department offered a series of emergency preparedness presentations for all Lehigh students, faculty and staff on Nov. 5-6 to prepare individuals if an active shooter were to come to campus. If this were to happen, LUPD recommends calling them instead of 911 because LUPD officers are in a better position to respond quickly, and they know the campus and are familiar with all locations. “If you call the 911 Center, they will take the information, ask for directions or addresses for your location, and then contact us to respond,” said Lehigh Chief of Police Edward Shupp. If there is an active shooter on campus, and a student […]

Apr 12th, 2015  Lehigh University Talks about EmergenSee Safety

First-Year Lehigh Engineers Life as a Lehigh Engineer from the perspective of first-year students By Ibrahim Hashmi Lehigh is Safe This Sunday the cool gryphons managed to invite 2 officers from the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD) to the lounge in Dravo to talk about their role at Lehigh. There were free Donuts as an incentive for students to take some time out of their busy day and attend the talk. The officers told us some startling statistics about how big an effort they make to keep Lehigh as safe as possible. For example, we have more police officers on road during the night time as do Bethlehem police. Moreover, they introduced a very important application available on both android and […]

Aug 26th, 2014  Channel 69 Features Lehigh University

Lehigh University Adopts App That Aims to Prevent Crime on Campus Channel 69 Jamie Stover reports from Lehigh University’s Campus Putting Security Cameras literally into the palms of students. The University has invested in EmergenSee a Free app that allows students to show campus police what’s going on around them, in real-time.  The alert will pull up the students name, cell phone number, GPS location and a live stream video if they are within the CEO Fence Boarders. Just hit the app when they see something suspicious. Lehigh University’s Chief Edward Shupp said, It’s similar to having a Virtual Escort. Lehigh Student Christen Mejia says, something might happen, so for me to come back home by myself is something that […]

Aug 16th, 2014  Lehigh University Increases Campus Security

Lehigh University is offering members of the campus community the EmergenSee personal security system. “By just pressing the red EmergenSee button on their smart phone, any student, faculty or staff member will be connected directly to our dispatcher to alert the LUPD of the situation and communicate directly via text,” he said.“The app can also capture video and audio information, as well as the user’s exact location. It can be used anywhere on campus and within a GeoFence perimeter that includes many of the surrounding neighborhoods where our students live.” “As a former student and the parent of a recent Lehigh graduate,” said Clayton, “I know that a healthy and safe campus environment is fundamental to ensuring that each of […]