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Jun 3rd, 2017  LUPD Offers EmergenSee For Student Safety

The night shift: LUPD provides late-night services for student safety BY  MARISSA MCCLOY for the Brown and White  Lehigh offers EmergenSee, a mobile app that streams high-quality video and audio directly to responders. The app allows users to communicate with the police via text and alerts the them to the user’s specific location, according to LUPD’s website. EmergenSee can also be used as a virtual escort, which allows the user to set a timer before, for example, walking home at night. If the timer stops before users have reached their destination, the app will alert LUPD. “Any safety application that you have is a great asset,” Shupp said. “People have to use them.” Full Story

Feb 11th, 2013  Canadian Security Magazine features EmergenSee App

Canadian Security Magazine on Personal Security As a global personal security app, EmergenSee was recently featured in Canadian Security Magazine as an up-and-coming “must have” for businesses, organizations, schools, families, and friends. The application is free to download and offers peace of mind to everyone in their shared security network. A single tap to the mobile application could save a life.