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May 16th, 2016  College Prep List

Why EmergenSee Should Be Part of Every Student’s College Prep List By: Ross Germano Did you know that during the first six weeks of being away at college, new students are much more likely to encounter a number of safety issues simply because their defenses are down? These findings come from the Bureau of Justice Statistics*, which goes deep into a lot of the student life issues that college students face on a regular basis. As a parent who is getting ready to send their child away to college, it is important that you do all that you can to arm your student with the information, skills and security necessary to keep them safe. This is where the EmergenSee Personal Safety App […]

May 20th, 2015  EmergenSee Increases Senior Independence

A Growing Number of Seniors Are Living Alone and Leading Active Lives Emergencies can arrises at anytime, that’s why it’s best to have a plan. EmergenSee’s Personal Safety App Provides: –  24/7/365 Professional Security Operators –  Live Video With Audio –  GPS Location and Movement Data –  Precautionary Customer Service Escort –  Auto Start Timer  – And So Much More… See Monarch Rural Institute For Additional Apps – Presentation By: Cheryl Belitsky, PT and Leslie Mullette,OTR/L, ATP The Brain in the Palm of Your Hand Using Mobile Devices to Support Independence Apps to Support Memory / Organization Med Helper Pillboxie EmergenSee Mobile Communication Tools How to evaluate useful app  

Jan 1st, 2015  EmergenSee New Standard For Personal Security

Protecting Yourself A new standard emerges for personal security   By Loni Liss For more than a century, the security industry has been providing anti-burglary and home monitoring services to homeowners. Today, traditional alarm and security monitoring services protect roughly 15 percent of American homes and a handful of rental units. The market has grown incrementally in the past decade with the advent of personal emergency monitoring, but these systems are bulky and require a static location. So, what does this $28 billion industry need to do to double or triple their adoption numbers in the next decade? Shift their primary focus away from the protection of property and valuables to the real value proposition…protecting the person, their family and loved […]

Sep 25th, 2014  NewsWatch Features EmergenSee on History Channel

Andrew Tropeano of NewsWatch Recommends EmergenSee as a Personal Safety App Today on History Channel. Colleges aren’t known for having the best security, and my alma mater is no exception. There was never a time that I felt safe, because there were always so many crimes happening around me. Thankfully I was always safe, but that doesn’t mean that something couldn’t have happened to me. I wish that I had the EmergenSee app when I was in college. It’s a 24/7 professional monitoring system that stands by to help you. All you have to do is tap a button on your phone, and the app sends live video and your GPS location to their security team. The security team responds quickly by texting, […]