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May 16th, 2016  College Prep List

Why EmergenSee Should Be Part of Every Student’s College Prep List By: Ross Germano Did you know that during the first six weeks of being away at college, new students are much more likely to encounter a number of safety issues simply because their defenses are down? These findings come from the Bureau of Justice Statistics*, which goes deep into a lot of the student life issues that college students face on a regular basis. As a parent who is getting ready to send their child away to college, it is important that you do all that you can to arm your student with the information, skills and security necessary to keep them safe. This is where the EmergenSee Personal Safety App […]

Mar 14th, 2014  Gallaudet University Integrates EmergenSee Security System

  Gallaudet University’s Department of Public Safety has Integrated EmergenSee into Campus Security Protocol.  Using their smartphones, students have a direct link to Gallaudet Safety Officers: EmergenSee allows the user to connect directly to the Department of Public Safety by activating the app on their Apple or Android based phone. Once the app is activated live video and audio is sent from your phone, along with location information to our Department of Public Safety Communication Center. If the situation permits, users can even live chat on their smartphones with Gallaudet University DPS Communication Officers via text. Emergensee’s geo fence technology keeps all users safer within a designated perimeter that includes the entire Gallaudet University campus. The geo fence serves as […]

Dec 6th, 2013  Channel 4 Cameras Capture EmergenSee Technology in Action at Georgetown University

From NBC 4 Washington Some campuses are going high tech to keep students safer. Georgetown University allowed our cameras into their public safety emergency operations center, where we saw what the school calls its EmergenSee technology. After students download an app, they’re able to silently alert police if they see trouble. The students’ smart phone cameras can then be seen on police TV monitors. “We get their geo-location. We get audio and we get video from the scene,” explained Chief Jay Gruber, the head of public safety. View the Video Below To read the full story from NBC News4 Washington, Click Here To learn more about EmergenSee or FREE DOWNLOAD @ EmergenSee Click Here

Jun 11th, 2013  EmergenSee Featured in Security Management Magazine: An App Approach to Crime

An App Approach to Crime By Ann Longmore-Etheridge College, for most young people, is the first time they are away from parents and on their own. How they handle experiences while there can be transformative. One new experience that no parent or school wants them to have, however, is an on-campus crime. But crimes do happen, and anything schools can do to improve responsiveness can minimize their impact. With that in mind, Susquehanna University is encouraging students to use a new application for smartphones that helps them quickly notify the school’s public safety department if they see or are the target of criminal activity. READ THE ENTIRE CASE STUDY HERE