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Nov 6th, 2014  Shark Tank Blog Features EmergenSee Personal Security App

As Presented by Rob Merlino on The Shark Tank Blog: Phil Reitnour and Jason D. Friedberg enter the Shark Tank seeking funding for EmergenSee, their personal security app, in episode 604. Philip Reitnour founded the company behind the app in 2012 after witnessing a road rage incident. The personal security app is being used on dozens of college campuses nationwide, but its usefulness goes beyond campus security. Users are able to alert a group of people they pre-select who’ll be notified at the touch of a button should a dangerous situation or accident occur. EmergenSee is a free download, but the $8.99 per month subscription connects users to a 24/7 professional monitoring center that logs the event and alerts the appropriate first responders of your geo-location. Organizations (schools, corporations hospitals, municipalities) pay $25,000 per year and […]