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Sep 24th, 2015  Swarthmore Increases Campus Safety With EmergenSee

EmergenSee Joins Swarthmore College To Promote National Campus Safety Awareness Swarthmore Students Download The EmergenSee Safety App At The National Campus Safety Awareness Event   EmergenSee’s Award Winning Campus Safety App, turns student smartphones into a personal safety device.  If a threat arises, the student simply taps the App. EmergenSee will live streams Audio, Video and GPS Location Data directly to Swarthmore’s Campus Safety, providing eyes on the scene in real-time. Traditionally, campuses employed a blue light pole at various spots throughout the campus. The problem is, if you’re not within reach of a working blue light poles or you need to run from a particular area, you have no way to reach campus safety quickly.  EmergenSee’s technology uses a device the […]