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Mar 16th, 2016  Huffington Post Tells EmergenSee Safety App Story

How Road Rage Incident Prompted Father to Develop Next Wave Safety App There are moments in our lives that serve as major turning points, causing us to reassess what is truly important. Phil Reitnour has had a couple of those events, starting with the death of his beloved wife after a four-year battle with breast cancer. In her final days, Phil made a promise that he would protect their four children and keep them safe. That promise was put to the test a few years ago when Phil and his children were attending the Shane Victorino Golf Benefit in Maui. It was late at night when Phil and the kids left the event, and the road back to their hotel […]

Sep 11th, 2014  EmergenSee Recommended by Verizon Wireless

5 Must-Have Apps for Personal Safety These five apps could help you and your loved ones stay safer in dangerous situations. By Cameka Crawford on September 10, 2014 In an article on the Verizon Wireless news page, EmergenSee is listed as one of five “must-have” personal safety apps. Author Cameka Crawford selected five apps that “could help you and your loved ones stay safer in dangerous situations…” and listed EmergenSee second. Crawford praises EmergenSee for its ability to capture “GPS location and stream video when he or she is in trouble.” Click here to read the article.