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Aug 25th, 2015  University of Cincinnati Officer Charged With Murder

Prosecutor: Officer Ray Tensing indicted on murder charge in death of Sam DuBose UC police officer turns himself in! CINCINNATI —A grand jury has indicted University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing on a murder charge in the July 19 shooting death of Sam DuBose, Prosecutor Joe Deters announced. Tensing is also indicted on a voluntary manslaughter charge. Deters called the lethal use of force by Tensing asinine, unwarranted and senseless in a news conference Wednesday. “I have been doing this for 30 years, and this is the most asinine act by a police officer I have ever seen,” Deters said. “I think he lost his temper because DuBose would not get out of the car,” Deters told reporters. “You won’t believe […]